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Thawed sausage keep in fridge for day and a half, still good?

Friday a family member was going to cook a big meal and took some sausage out of the freezer and put it out to thaw (NOT in the fridge, fully out). They seen they had to much and put a pack of pork sausage back in the fridge for me to use. I didn't get a chance to cook it that day and ended up cooking it around midnight of Saturday/Sunday. Now I'm wondering if it really is still safe. The package was opened and a small chunk taken out, mid Fri. afternoon.

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  1. so, how long was it out once it had been thawed, total?

    1. 3 days max......your safe

      1. I think they took it out of the freezer around 7 or 8 am Fri. and it was back into the fridge some time before noon (I wasn't there any sooner than that so I have no clue exactly. (also remembered to mention that after it was opened on Fri. afternoon, we did put it in a sealed plastic bag, and it wasn't out and opened for more time then needed to pull out a chunk)

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              i had taken some frozen jimmy dean's hot sausage (bulk roll) out in the morning and set it down to thaw in a place where i forgot about it till after lunchtime. so, i can relate. no biggy.

              i stuck it back in the fridge and the next morning made a nice omelet with the sauteed sausage, mesclun greens from trader joe's, nutmeg, garlic & herb soft cheese and three eggs.

            1. It's spoiled.

              Send it to me and I'll properly dispose of it for you.


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              1. For future reference, sausage generally has enough salt for it to be ok in the refrigeratir for several days once it is thawed.

                You didn't say how long the sausage was left on the counter, but if it was still cold when it went into rhe refrigerator, it would have still been good to eat even if it had been fresh frozen beef, pork, chicken, etc., and sausage is even more forgiving.