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Mar 31, 2013 12:29 AM

Thawed sausage keep in fridge for day and a half, still good?

Friday a family member was going to cook a big meal and took some sausage out of the freezer and put it out to thaw (NOT in the fridge, fully out). They seen they had to much and put a pack of pork sausage back in the fridge for me to use. I didn't get a chance to cook it that day and ended up cooking it around midnight of Saturday/Sunday. Now I'm wondering if it really is still safe. The package was opened and a small chunk taken out, mid Fri. afternoon.

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  1. so, how long was it out once it had been thawed, total?

    1. 3 days max......your safe

      1. I think they took it out of the freezer around 7 or 8 am Fri. and it was back into the fridge some time before noon (I wasn't there any sooner than that so I have no clue exactly. (also remembered to mention that after it was opened on Fri. afternoon, we did put it in a sealed plastic bag, and it wasn't out and opened for more time then needed to pull out a chunk)

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              i had taken some frozen jimmy dean's hot sausage (bulk roll) out in the morning and set it down to thaw in a place where i forgot about it till after lunchtime. so, i can relate. no biggy.

              i stuck it back in the fridge and the next morning made a nice omelet with the sauteed sausage, mesclun greens from trader joe's, nutmeg, garlic & herb soft cheese and three eggs.