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Sep 19, 2000 09:38 PM

Good food in/near Dallas-Fort Worth airport?

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Hi all,
I'm going to be at a meeting this weekend
in the Dallas Airport Hyatt Regency Hotel, but
I'm hoping to get out for some good chow on
Friday and Saturday evenings. I've browsed
the past messages on Dallas eating, but I
don't know where many of the places listed are
located relative to the airport. I won't
have a car and would rather not spend a
fortune on a cab ride, so closer to the
airport is better.

I gather that the Grapevine location of
Sonny Bryan's is pretty close to the airport, so
I plan to check that out, but any other
suggestions are much appreciated.



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  1. This reply is a little late, as I just found this site, but....

    The original Sonny Bryan's is still the only one in my book. Sonny passed away a few years ago, but this location is still staffed by his original crew. Everything in there, from the people to the grade school desks to the sauce shaker bottles to the layers of grease on the walls, has been there for decades. Lunch only Monday thru Saturday, basic sliced beef sandwich is the way to go, although everything in there is top knotch. Famous for onion rings also.

    Bonus- it's next door to a huge Salvation Army thrift store.

    Located on Inwood Road just north of Harry Hines Blvd. Not near the airport.

    Sonny, or his estate, licensed the name to some investors some years back. There are Sonny Bryan's locations all around the city now. They are ok, but they are corporate, with manufactured atmosphere. NOT the same.

    hope this helps future visitors to our fair city.

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      Brent Christensen

      This is a little late for the original poster, but maybe this will be useful for future reference.

      I spent about a year as a consultant to American Airlines, one exit south of the airport. I actually lived in the DFW Hyatt for about 4 months (it has to be the worst Hyatt in the USA).

      Dallas is bad enough for (non-steak) food; the DFW area is an absolute wasteland. Most food within a few exits of the airport are all the standard chains (Applebees, Bennigans, On the Border, etc.).

      Cacharel, a French place that scores very well in Dallas' Zagat survey, is down 360 (take 183 W from the airport for an exit) near the Arlington Hilton/Six Flags. It's in one of the office buildings by the Hilton. I ate there once and was not impressed.

      There's also a pretty decent local chain TexMex whose name escapes me just north of the Hilton.

      There's a Pakistani restaurant in Euless (360N) that's ok.

      There's a decent Thai place in a strip mall near the Irving Mall (183E from the airport). If you ask nicely, they'll spice it up.

      For anything really good in Dallas, you need to head into either Dallas proper or Ft. Worth proper.