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Mar 30, 2013 09:15 PM

Sage, Picasso or Le Cirque?

We'll be in Vegas for three nights in late April and I'm looking for help to choose one restaurant. We are staying at Bellagio and will be dining out on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights (breakfast and lunch will be provided at the conference). We're definitely having dinner at Lotus of Siam and The Palm.

I'm choosing the third restaurant and I am torn between Sage, Le Cirque, and Picasso. All three of us are foodies and two of us don't drink, so wine choices and prices are not a deciding factor.

I've pored over the online menus and read a ton of reviews and frankly, they just make it more difficult to decide. I lean toward Sage, but Le Cirque is calling to me. Picasso is also mentioned as a strong option. I do come to Vegas once a year or so (often solo) and could go to Sage another time, while I doubt I would dine solo at Le Cirque.

Also, for any of my three contenders, would anyone consider the dining experience to be better on Thursday night than Friday or Saturday (which I would expect to be more crowded)?

I appreciate any input, thanks!

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  1. I've dined at all three (Le Cirque and Sage, two weeks ago when I was in LV; I dined at Picasso eleven years ago), and my strong recommendation is for Le Cirque. I was in LV from Sunday - Wednesday so I can't tell which day would be more crowded among Thursday - Saturday.

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      Strongly 2nd LeC for a truly wonderful dining experience.

    2. I haven't been to Le Cirque though I really want to go but price point has been an issue for me.

      However, between both Picasso and Sage, I will definitely vote for Picasso. Both food and service at Picasso was way better than what I experienced at Sage. That's not to say that Sage is not good, but my experience in Picasso was that good.

      1. For Le Cirque at least, I wouldn't worry about which night of the week I dined there. Last fall we dined there on a Saturday night and although they were fully booked, except for having to wait a few minutes before our table was ready, service was equally as good as when we dined there in the spring during a slower Sunday night.

        1. I have not been to Le Cirque. I have been to Sage four or five times, and Picasso twice. I would not go back to Picasso, while I will go back to Sage. Both of my meals at Picasso were just okay, and I find the menu pretty dull. The room is gorgeous, and of course, the paintings unique, but you can always have a drink at the bar and take a gander. The food at Sage (for me) was much more creative, seasonal, and delicious (I also like the room a lot). We just took folks to Sage a couple of weeks ago and they loved it.

          I have to try Le Cirque; I see it getting love from Ellenost and others, and we will get there soon.