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Mar 30, 2013 07:12 PM

I am doing a vertical Whole Goat tasting.

I am going to cook a 6 year old goat next to a 6-9 month goat. Both will be cooked the exact same way to the same temp. I have cooked many goats ASADO before but I have no idea what age they were. Do any of you have an idea of what I should expect?

I am also doing a New Zeland Lamb side by side with a local (SC) Lamb. I am looking forward to this one.

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  1. The old goat, cabra, will be like leather. The cabrito should be a star.

    1. I read something recently that the term "spring lamb" when used in the US is a misnomer. The lambs are born in the spring but not slaughtered til the fall. If that's true, then your NZ one (where it's actually fall) might be not a good comparison to the SC one. 'Course as Veg said, the two goats won't be either.

      1. Are you getting an old buck or a doe? At an age of 6 years, an intact buck will be very, very strong flavoured, a castrated wether will probably be fatty and tougher than a young goat but not too strong a flavour, and a doe, depending on breed, will probably be just tough without the bucky flavour. The young goat should be mild if it is a doe or a castrated buck. Young bucks start to get a stronger flavour at breeding age, which can start as early as 3-4 months. By the time a buckling is 9 months of age, he could have gone through a breeding season and would not be nearly as delicious (in my opinion) as a milder doeling or castrated male of the same age.

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          Okay, this is just flat-out chatty, something I've really been trying to NOT do. But, earthgoat, your post is the highest and best example of the joy of this site. I just learned a ton. Thank you so much for sharing your special info.

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            Thanks c oliver :) I just want people to enjoy goat meat, rather than shunning it because they had a bad experience.

        2. PYA has a Jamaican Jerk seasoning mixed with cheap red wine. After rubbing them down I place them in Whole Animal Marination Bag aka Body Bags and place in a large walk in cooler for 2 days. I have found this flavor to be the one people enjoy the most.

          1. Nobody expressed a clear preference of one over the other. I was surprised.

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              Thanks for the update and that is truly a terrific picture.