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Mar 30, 2013 06:10 PM

Swank Farms

Has anyone been to their Sunday lunches? We're signed up for the lunch next Sunday and was wondering what to expect.

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  1. How was it?

    I know they are now done for the season... but there's always next fall/winter!

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    1. re: CFByrne

      The short answer is that it was a very enjoyable afternoon.
      The longer answer is in the details. Upon arrival at noon, we and our fellow guests (approximately 150 people), were treated to a welcome carrot mimosa with herbs and a thin celery straw. There were mini sausage sandwiches with pickled baby onions on a very good parkerhouse roll passed around. There was live music (sort of a Dave Matthews vibe). During this first half hour or so, we were free to wander the farm and enjoy our drinks and sandwich bites. The owners of the farm and chefs du jour were introduced and spoke briefly. They then opened up a station with several interesting small bites, from a Thai shrimp spoon, chicken heart crostini, small fresh salad, and a few others I can't recall now. We were then given an opportunity to tour the hydroponic nursery with the owners or mingle or wander the fields before being seated at three very long nicely decorated tables under a tent. We were served unlimited water, Pellegrino, and white and red wines throughout the afternoon. There was a really delicious basket of rolls served. The first course was a cauliflower soup obviously made with farm fresh veggies followed by a simple salad. The salad and final three courses were served family style. There was a beautiful whole red fish (don't remember the exact type), served with fresh sautéed veggies, followed by a sliced, very well seasoned, although fatty, ribeye. This was served with a platter of assorted interesting, gorgeous barely roasted vegetables, which sadly, looked delicious, but were too rock hard to eat for the most part. Dessert was an almond beet galette with two sides of honeyed creme fraiche and candied carrots and beets. Unbelievably, we were not stuffed after this four and a half hour eating extravaganza. The guests appeared to be mostly in the 30-60 age bracket and all appeared to have a great time. I think it was worth the $150 price tag per person. I would definitely recommend it. I hope to attend another one next year with different chefs. We were extremely lucky with the weather, as you will get wet if it rains. The only other down side is there are a lot (and I do mean a lot) of flies.

      1. re: zook

        Thanks Zook.

        Some of the details are added in this article...

        And it looks like the full menu is listed here:

    2. Excited to hear from Darrin and Jodi that they're finalizing this season's line up very soon.

      In fact, just last night I got it on *very* good authority that "resident chef" Lindsay Autry is meeting with them today to wrap up final details. :-)

      1. If you haven't heard, the Winter lineup has been announced:

        January 15 looks tempting...

        Lindsay Autry - Resident Chef
        Richard Hales - Sakaya / Blackbrick
        Aaron Brooks - Edge
        Huma Nagi -3030 Ocean
        Nick Morofogen - 32 East

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        1. re: CFByrne

          I signed up for the January lunch months ago when they first announced the line-up as it seemed the most interesting to me.

          1. re: zook

            Zook - look forward to meeting you there!

            When Paula DaSilva and team recently cooked at The James Beard House in NYC, Huma Nagi apparently headed up the dessert team...

            And rumor has it she's going to recreate that night's dish for this event.


            1. re: CFByrne

              Since I love sweets, I'm sure that whatever she serves will be great! I'll see you (and another 150 people) there soon!

              1. re: zook

                Would love an update on where I can buy Swank produce in Palm Beach County (I am based this winter in the Boynton area, and have been shopping at Bedner's on 441, and The Boys on MIlitary). Last year my go-to for fish was Capt Franks near I-95 in Boynton but have not been there yet this season....

                Any help for me as far as good local produce, and local meats (??) will be welcomed with open arms!

                1. re: erica

                  Your best bet for Swank produce, as far as I know, is Saturday morning at WPB Greenmarket.

                  Jodi is there herself with all sorts of terrific goodies.

                  And there are a ton of other vendors. For tomatoes, Farmhouse is terrific. They are kind of hidden off to the side.

                  1. re: CFByrne

                    Thanks,will make a plan to go on an upcoming Saturday....looking forward to it!

                    1. re: erica

                      So go to Swank and gets some great greens etc from Jodi. You can also ask her if there's any retail elsewhere during the week, but I think not. She leaves the roots on her greens and I've had them last a looong time in my frig.

                      Then hit Farmhouse for some gorgeous heirloom tomatoes. It is over on the street that runs EW, NORTH of the grassy market area.

                      And then stop by and say hi to Vito Volpe, the main man at Mozarrita himself! You'll want some fresh mozz or better yet burrata (at a nice discount from what it goes for at Whole Foods).

                      That should keep you in good shape for a few days!

                      There's also a grass fed meat stand, and several fish vendors although I am not crazy about the fish I have seen, I'd feel much better going to Capt Franks, my go to place as well, for that.

                      1. re: erica

                        If you get tomatoes from Farmhouse...

                        You can get some ready to eat... and ask for others not yet ripe.

                        Then you'll have some for say Sat and Sun, and others you can use maybe Mon - Wed...

                  2. re: zook

                    *** SPOILER ALERT *** *** SPOILER ALERT *** *** SPOILER ALERT ***

                    Here's the menu for Sunday Jan 15.

            2. Anyone going today/tonight, Dec. 7th? I was asked to go and am very much looking forward to the event...

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              1. re: LETTUCEINLOVE


                I am booked for the one in April with Schwartz / Alcudia / Goldsmith plus Nick Morfogen from 32 East and Rick Mace of Café Boulud.

                It's really terrific and I think the chefs and their staffs have as much fun as the patrons.


              2. All of this year's dinners look great. But next week's event(Sunday afternoon, Feb 8) is especially strong.

                It's also a good chance for PBC folks to enjoy the work of a couple of Miami's top chefs, in this case Aaron Brooks and Conor Hanlon... plus Eric Larkee, MGFD Group Wine Director... and more.

                These Swank Farm events are very special treat, and I'd encourage anyone who's been thinking about it, to go ahead and come on out.


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                1. re: CFByrne

                  I went to my second one last year and enjoyed it as much as the first time I went, if not more. I'm signed up for the vegetarian one in March and am looking forward to it.