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Mar 30, 2013 04:43 PM

Dazed & Confused


Coming from DC arriving in NYC Monday for 3 day stay with wife / teenage daughter. Spent many hours perusing this board for ideas. Plan to visit MOMA, The Highline, Grand Central, walk Brooklyn Bridge, shops along Fifth, shopping UWS, neighborhood / village type shopping. Lunch / snacks while out and about. Perhaps lunch inside MOMA. Dinners in UWS / hotel area. Interested in Ramen, outdoor dining, best bagels near hotel, good pizza of any kinds, casual but nice places. Dined at Chow recommended Trettoria Trecolori on last visit which was perfect in price and atmosphere for dinner before show. Kefi, Ma Peche being considered. Running out of time and starting to panic!

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  1. Where exactly is your hotel? The UWS is pretty big. Goes from 59th St and up to the 100s. We need cross streets to be the most helpful.

    What's your budget per person before tax, tip, wine/drinks?

    You will not find the best ramen, best bagels, and best pizza in town if you limit yourself to the UWS and the touristy areas.

    I don't really recall the UWS being a great shopping area... Unless you mean the mall at Columbus Circle?

    It's still a little too chilly for outside dining, Tues and Weds currently predict a high of 45 F.

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      Staying at 76st near Broadway. Wishful thinking on my part regarding outdoor dining. Was hoping for 60F. Yes, not much shopping on UWS but I believe a Century 21 is in the area. Will avoid the mall. We spent time in West Village last trip and had pizza at John's on Bleeker. Thinking Soho this trip and/or a walk down 5th Ave. Budget for dinner perhaps $30 per person? Not looking for high end.


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        Try Jacques Torres, Levain Bakery, Epicurie Boulud for snacks/sweets. Fairway Cafe for breakfast. For dinner, $30pp is not really close to high end. More like the low end of moderate. You have also chosen a neighborhood (West 70s) without a lot of exciting options.

        Try Nice Matin, Salumeria Rosi, Grand Sichuan maybe (though the DC suburbs have great Sichuan). Check out the menus on to see if they're suitable for you and consider upping your budget.

        You can also go south to The Smith near Lincoln Center.

        Make reservations for Rosi, it's kind of small.

        For shopping...


        5th Avenue shopping:

        Good luck!

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          Thank you, Kathryn. You're the best! This is helpful.

          1. re: kathryn

            I can second Nice Matin and Grand Sichuan (although I like Szechuan Gourmet on 56th and 8th better, and that's not TOO far). Salumeria Rossi will probably burst the $30 barrier ... small plates and prices add up fast. I haven't been to Smith yet, but it might be over the $30 range for a full meal.

            Good Enough to Eat isn't bad; not amazing, by any means, but not bad and within budget (and not far from hotel).

            If you DO decide to eat outdoors, Nice Matin has seats outside.

            Kefi - I've been a couple times. Not bad Greek food. LOUD restaurant.

            For pizza, Dean's (85 between Amst. and Bway) is good. Run by same family as the more famous Patsy's. Old style Italian-American; pizzas are the best thing here, the salads aren't bad. The pastas are forgettable. Service is weird (not rude but often incompetent).

            1. re: plf515

              Thanks much for your comments. This helps quite a bit.

              1. re: plf515

                Kefi is currently closed due to a water main break. I like Cotta a few doors down.

            2. re: famousdavous

              If you're in SoHo, look up information on Vin et Fleur and see if its to your taste. Small; very good, but not great, small menu bistro fare; fodd is fresh and seasonal; nice atmosphere; very friendly and competent service. Small, but well selected wine list. A great little place for a snack or for lunch.

          2. For ramen, hop in the 1 train to 125th and go down stairs to Jin Ramen.

            There are many good bagel places. If you want a full "NYC smoked fish appetizer experience" I suggest Barney Greengrass: 86 and Amsterdam.

            1. Weather forecast:
              Monday: High 60, low 34
              Tuesday: High 43 Low 34
              Wednesday: Like Tuesday

              So, if outdoors, I'd say Monday lunch is your best bet

              1. Totto Ramen on 52nd b/w 8th and 9th. Best ramen in the area, maybe the city. Get there early. No later than 11:30 for lunch. Put your name on the list and then wait. If you go on Monday, you have a shot of getting in on the first wave when they open at noon.

                Ma Peche at $30 per person will be tough. I'm usually spending at least twice that. Great place.