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Mar 30, 2013 03:58 PM

Deviled Eggs

I would like to make deviled eggs about 4 hours in advance. I have checked covered egg dishes, but they are certainly not air tight. Any ideas to keep the yolk from getting hard and discolored? Previously I have made them in advance to the point all I had to do was stuff them. This time I would really like to have them ready to go.

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  1. I've never had this happen, and we usually make ours the Night Before... in fact, I can only think of once or twice when I've even encountered a hard/discouloured devilled egg. And they were clean-out-the-refrigerator-finds.

    Off the cuff musings:

    increase your moisture content [mayo]
    lightly pipe in the filling, not spoon-press in
    put them in the Warmest spot in your fridge--a drawer with adjustable temp/moisture control?
    Chill all ingredients before combining [I know we generally do this]

    see here-->

    1. Do you have bubble wrap? Line a plastic storage container with it to keep the eggs from moving, put on the lid, and chill.

      Unless the egg carton is cardboard, put the eggs back into the carton and put that inside a plastic bag or seal it in aluminum foil.

      I have a Rubbermaid deviled egg container that keeps everything steady and sealed.

      1. I make mine overnight and put them on one of those egg platters you can find at the dollar store. In the middle of the dish I put some plastic glasses which are higher than the eggs (wine) and cover the dish with plastic. Works like a charm and think it gives the mixture adequate time to meld together. That`s what i do! They do not stick to the plastic this way and once the mayonaise is mixed with the yolk mixture it does not get dry or discoloured. To prevent the black ring around the eggs do not boil them briskly. As well if you make more than one platter and have limted space in your fridge you can stack them with the glass in the middle. Love those eggs and they are always a hit at parties, especially with the men for some reason.

        1. Here's my tip (and I've been making them like this for fifty years)...add a small amount, about 1 T. per dozen deviled eggs, of cooled, melted butter to the whipped up egg yolk mixture. It will keep the mixture soft and luscious, even overnight. I've piped them way in advance, stuck toothpicks into the yolk, and covered very well with plastic film. Just remember to remove all picks, and swirl with the pick to cover the holes before serving.

          1. I hope this is not a problem, I have a platter in the fridge now for tomorrow!!