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Mar 30, 2013 01:49 PM

Le Creuset BUY

Wife had a class this morning at the hospital. When she pulled into the drive I got a phone call to "come help".


I got to her open trunk on the car and looked inside. I saw Le Creuset bags. I didn't say a word and just helped her inside with it.

Turns out someone at her work is getting a divorce and has stuff she's never used (they still had tags on them).

She got some pretty eclectic stuff, but she did good!

She got the flipping BIG goose pot...
...a 15" oval skillet...
...the tagine...
...and a cast trivet...

...all for $300

Just looked it all up to help "ease HER mind" (she felt like I was going to be mad that she spent too much $$$). I figured somewhere around $900 if we went and purchased it all.

That goose pot is one big ass dutch oven! LoL

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  1. You will likely love the goose pot; I know that I do. There are just two of us in the house but I use it often. Congratulations.

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    1. re: Sherri

      Which LC pot is the goose pot? How big is it?

      1. re: dixiegal

        15.5 quarts

        $575 at Williams-Sonoma

        1. re: JayL

          >15.5 quarts<

          Good gracious! I could give the grandbaby a bath in that pot. LOL. Can't imagine how much that thing would weigh. I would probably be better off just buying another 7.5 quart and cooking two different pots of the same thing. But.....If I ever find one at a good price, I might go for the goose pot anyway.

    2. The $900 value I figured came from the least expensive internet options I could find.

      I just priced everything from normal retailers and it came to over $1,100 total value.

      Not bad for a $300 purchase. She's happy...and that makes me happy.

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      1. re: JayL


        Don't forget to give her a "relaxed" budget for that first goose!!

      2. Congrats!!!

        I use the huge goose pot all the time!!! You will love it, Its great for weekend batch cooking. I make triple batches of chili, soups, stew, etc and stock my freezer. Also great for big casual parties. I love to make serve your self chili and set the counter with bowls of mix ins and toppings.

          1. She's been home about 8 hours now.

            She just walked through the kitchen and I swear I heard her say, "That is one big pot."


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            1. re: JayL


              And she's going to look at and touch everything many times, even before she cooks with it.

              She's gonna have a lot of fun for $300 and you'll have some fab food - a win win!