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Aug 18, 2000 01:38 PM

Bad news in Houston/ 3 restaurants burned!

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Bad news for patrons of Montrose blvd restaurants, in 3 weeks there have been 3 fires!
The first was the Sierra Grill in the 4800 block of Montrose, that fire was intentionally set.
Just last night, Zimms Martini and Wine bar in the 4300 block of montrose burned, they will rebuild. It was an electrical fire caused by a short in the ice machine!
Zimms is a historical restaurant, it was the 1st wine bar in Texas and the first patio bar in Houston!
The Boulevard Bistro, which I gather is right next door, sustained fire damage as a result of Zimm's fire!
As far as I know, all three will re-open.

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    Beatrice Dante

    The good news is that Sierra reopened last week. Monica Pope's Boulevard Bistrot is scheduled to reopen in late Sept. As for Zimm's, I'm not sure when they'll be done. Any idea who owns the place?

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    1. re: Beatrice Dante

      No, but Zimm's is a very chic and cool place for wine and cappuccino on a Saturday night.

      But I wondered why that cool little strip of al fresco joints was darkened.

      It's too bad that Pope's more colorful place didn't work out. I never had a chance to try it.

      1. re: worldlyman

        I'm not sure, but I think the owners name is actually Zimm.
        They announced it when the fire happened, please don't hold my feet to the fire if I'm wrong!