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Mar 30, 2013 10:15 AM

Looking for a restaurant in Santa Monica

Someone a while back recommended a restaurant in Santa Monica that had a very laid back atmosphere with good food. I think the name was the Loft but not certain. I know they have a lot of comfy couches on the patio. Not too much info but I would really like to know if a place like this exists and if so, is it worth a trip from the San Gabriel Valley food wise and where is it located exactly. Thanks for any help.

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  1. The only place I can think of with couches on the patio is the old Cache which no longer exists. It's now 3110 and the food isn't what it was, not at all- although the couches are still there.

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      They can still be found on the patio at the Viceroy at Pico and Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica in their "cabanas" as far as I know.

    2. Actually I goofed. I was no where close to the name. It's called the Bungalow. Anyone know of this place? Is it a dining destination or strictly a young party place?

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        No food at the Bungalow, except on Sundays, as far as I know, and the Sunday menu is VERY limited (something along the lines of either a burger or a quesadilla). Of course you can always eat at their restaurant, Fig (which gets a lot of love on the L.A. board).

      2. Bungalow is a bar. They do have a menu, although it is extremely limited. It was just named on of the top 10 bars by LA Weekly: