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Chef's Counter at Meadowood [Saint Helena]

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Any recently opinions regarding the regular tasting menu at Meadowood vs the Chef's Counter Menu (20 courses!). Have a reservation in late May and trying to decide which one to do. We have never been to the restaurant, by the way.

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  1. Done both, I think the regular tasting is great for a first visit and you will probably get invited to visit the kitchen when you are doing the regular tasting in the dining room.

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      Thanks for the input. Leaning towards the regular menu, but our other meals are not all that big, so .... there may be room for the chef's.

    2. Back from our trip. Here is the link to my review:


      1. The snack menu at the bar has to be one of the best values in the valley. They take reservations for this and it is only $20 for a succession (I had 6) of substantial amuse bouche style snacks. Cocktails are $18 and the by the glass list is very expensive (reds $25 - $125/glass, whites a little less). The wine list itself is extensive with several bottles in the $50-60 range. I ended up buying a bottle, having 2 glasses and they happily corked it up for me to take with me.

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          Thanks. I wondered what was going on at the bar and once we had finished dining, I thought that I might have rather spent the evening there. I still would leave it on the list for next time based on your description.