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Mar 30, 2013 08:52 AM

How much of this ham recipe can I make ahead of time?

I'm going to be making Tyler Florence's Tangerine-Glazed Easter Ham recipe:

I like to do everything a day ahead if I can, so I'm wondering if it would be okay to score the ham and rub with the sage/olive oil mixture today--or do you think the sage flavor will be too strong? I have a whole ham, so the rub will only be on the outside, not on a cut side that someone might eat.

Also, do you think I can make the tangerine glaze today and then reheat tomorrow? Very many of the reviewers said they never could get it to a syrupy stage, so I'm wondering if I should let it cook for an hour or so today to get it to that point--although I'm not positive that it needs to be syrupy.

LATER: Okay, I read all the reviews and some did make the glaze the day before, so I will try that. But it's the sage rub I'm wondering about: think I should wait till tomorrow?

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  1. Hey, I know no one was interested in this post, but just in case you haven't thought of what to do with your ham yet, you REALLY should try this recipe. I just finished making the glaze and it smells absolutely awesome with the butter, tangerines, and spices.

    There were a lot of reviews from people saying they couldn't get it to make a syrupy glaze within 30-40 minutes, but I set the timer for 1 hour and it was actually done at 40 minutes. I had the heat up to med high and let it simmer in a non-stick sauteuse pan. The written recipe says sauce pan, so perhaps with less heat surface it takes longer.

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    1. re: Thanks4Food

      I actually thought that glaze sounded wonderful, so I'm glad you reported back because I'm saving the recipe for future use. I hope your ham comes out beautifully.

      (and, just an FYI -- the traffic on this site drops dramatically on weekends, and especially on holiday weekends.)

      1. re: Terrie H.

        It came out AWESOME!!! There were only 3 of us to work on a 12 lb ham and we sure made a valiant effort. All of us ate way more than we normally would have. The tangerine glaze was terrific. And 2 of us not liking carrots much really liked these carrots.

        I took some photos because it was a gorgeous-looking ham. Maybe I'll post tomorrow.

        The only thing we couldn't figure out was that many of the reviewers had mentioned how tasty the crystallized tangerines were to eat--but the peel came out so tough, none of us could cut them. I did try eating one, but it was like chewing leather. So we ended up kind of sucking on them.

        Oh a thought: I tried to keep most of the tangerine slices on top of the ham itself rather than floating in the juice in the pan--maybe that's what made ours so hard.