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Mar 30, 2013 08:44 AM

Huntington Beach recommendations?

Will be staying near the pier in Huntington Beach for 3 days in May. Would appreciate any Chowhound recommendations for breakfast or dinner places -- any style or price point ok.

Would also like to find a beach-type bar to hang out for beer, cocktails, peel-and-eat shrimp, tacos or other such casual food. Does that exist?


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    1. For the Main Street area, it's all about the view, not food.

      Sandy's right below Duke's has a patio in the back where you can grab drinks and mediocre appetizers on a nice sunny day.

      Duke's has some very strong cocktails and a nice ocean/beach view.

      Fred's on Main Street and PCH is good for sunsets and average gringo Mexican. Very popular spot to catch sunsets. Expect an hour wait around that time.

      For dinner:

      Head down PCH to Pizzeria Mozza. About 10 min drive/cab ride. Excellent pizza and appetizers. Last time I went the dishes of the day are now all available a la carte. Try the chicken with sausage and peppers. Kale salad with white anchovies is good. Pizzas are excellent.

      I like Trejos for hole in the wall Mexican food. It's on Beach Blvd back towards the 405.

      If you're craving traditional sushi, Kasen is your best bet in OC (can get pricy if you do lots of premium sake). If you like the rolls and stuff, Sushi on Fire becomes a packed Sunday Funday destination for the young 'uns.

      Kappo Honda is good for izakaya, yakitori, and lots if beer and sake.

      Don't know a place for peel n eat shrimp though. Sorry.

      1. Try Zimzala on the 2nd floor of the Shorebreak Hotel downtown. They have a screaming happy hour deal. They also have a nice outdoor patio. Food is good, decent beer selection and pretty good service.

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          Thanks very much to all.

          We are staying at the Shorebreak so Zimzala is a great option. Also, we haven't been to the Newport Beach location of Pizzeria Mozza and would love to try it. We enjoyed the LA version last year.