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Mar 30, 2013 08:27 AM

Stopping Between Detroit and Gettysburg?

Impromptu trip to Gettysburg for one day. Drive there Monday, visit battlefield Tuesday, drive back Wednesday. Any place we must stop for great local food along the way?

Also, any great place for dinner in Gettysburg area?

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  1. I was hoping someone else would answer with current information as I haven't made this trip in maybe five years. We used to get off the turnpike to eat at La Tavola in New Stanton, PA. It was our favorite among the places we would get of the turnpike for at various exits. The last time there, lunch was still very good but the dessert was not up to the usual standard. Here is the link for La Tavola: (closed on Monday). Two years ago, we stopped at Cafe 422 in Warren, Ohio, for lunch heading to I-80. Really good food, terrific service, excellent prices. It's link is: in case you will be taking that route.

    1. It's 7.5 hours from Gettysburg to Detroit, and 4.25 from Pittsburgh to Detroit on Google Maps.

      Does that sound like a good stopping distance?

      1. Roadfood:
        Out of the Fire Cafe (somewhat fancy, but the burgers're good and cheap).
        Summit Dinner in Somerset (I may have the name slightly wrong). Homeground meat, basic diner chow. Fab prices (meaning cheap). As in: I got back from a 10 mile hike, and I only paid $6 for a "fill 'er up" style meal!

        1. Man, I'm a bit late for this one. Where did you end up eating in Gettysburg? I lived there for about 5 years (just left about 2.5 years ago, now after wandering a bit, ended up about 30min north).