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Mar 30, 2013 08:04 AM

Birchrunville Store Cafe (Middle-of-Nowhere, PA)

Difficult reservation to get, but a last minute invite from a friend gave us a chance to dine at the legendary BYOB, Birchrunville Store Cafe, in tiny one-stop-sign Birchrunville PA (our second visit).

~Complementary pate (boar or venison, I forget) appetizer (we were dining with a regular)

~Appetizer: Fresh Maine lobster & Washington State mussels bisque with port wine, and a lump crab cake ($12)

~Daily special appetizer (and a signature dish): Escargot~Roasted

~Entree: Berkshire pork chop, hedgehog mushrooms, green peppercorn, with cognac reduction ($30)

~Dessert: Coconut cheesecake with chocolate crust

BYOB (good stems), food is good, service is good, although both reflect the somewhat iconoclastic nature of Chef Frank (YMMV). Apparently a pain in the ass to get a reservation (I've never tried), and the place was packed on a Friday night (but only a modest hum of conversation), easy parking, and it really isn't that far away (25 min drive SW from Collegeville, only 2 miles from Birchrun Farm, which would make a fun day trip).

Something all Philly Foodies should try at least once.

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  1. Interesting review of your dinner and based on my two visit I would concur with your conclusions while probably choosing unorthodox rather than iconoclastic, in favor of a bit less aggressive term. Thanks, appreciate the write up and reminder: Birchrunville Store is an out-of-the-way cafe that should not be out-of-mind when considering excellent and interesting dining.

    1. So! You found my secret hideout, eh?
      One of the top places to dine in the Philly burbs and it certainly compares favorably with almost any New York eatery.

      1. Birchrunville Store Cafe is at the top of my "favorites" list for Chester County dining. I've had a fair amount of success with last-minute weekend reservations there. Because reservations must be made so far in advance, I've come to believe that people make reservations for whenever they can, then, as the day draws near, figure out whether they can honor them. So cancellations are not rare, and if you time your call right, often you can snare one.