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Mar 30, 2013 06:59 AM

Pizza Rustica aka Easter Pie

Hi All,

Does anyone know where they sell Pizza Rustica aka Easter Pie on the island of Manhattan? After having lived in various parts of Brooklyn (Dyker Heights, Bay Ridge), I have developed a love of Pizza Rustica but I don't feel like shlepping all the way out there today.

Any help would be appreciated!

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  1. Faicco's usually does--call them. Also Alleva in Little Italy...

    1. DiPalo on GRand Street!!

      Sold by weight, they freeze beautifully.

      1. Veniero's always has it Easter time.

        1. In addition, Buon Italia in the Chelsea Market has them at their prepared foods counter in the back--called Casatiello, in the Neapolitan tradition.