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Mar 30, 2013 04:40 AM

Lunch at Peter Luger

Empty tables but the same routine-do you have a reservation.
I have notice a strange phenomena . The first two pieces of steak are wonderful and can be eaten without chewing. Soon after as it begins to cool down the steak changed. It got ordinary and chewy.
No matter, after one eats at Peter Luger it's impossible to enjoy steak anywhere else.
Four people $400.00.

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      1. re: PHREDDY

        Brooklyn- I thought we were being hustled for a tip.

        1. re: JoeMira

          What do you mean being hustled?

          1. re: treb

            The old lady at the door first asked if we had reservations. No, we did not. She said we would have to wait an hour. When we started to walk out she sat us immediately. Tables were empty. Good Friday. No meat. When we left there were still open tables. Was it just Luger being Luger?

            1. re: JoeMira

              I've been many times over the years but, I always have a reservation. The only possible issue I could imagine would be if there were not enough waitstaff to cover all of the tables, especially on a potential light (Good Friday) dining day. That being said, I never would be expected to pay for a table. She was, however, smart to seat your party instead of letting you walk.

      2. I live almost across the street from Peter Luger in Great Neck. We go there for lunch occasionally. I usually have the hamburger which you can get only atlunch. Always enjoy it.