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Mar 30, 2013 01:55 AM

Singapore - Latin American options at Sur Nuevo Latino

Sur Nuevo Latino is without a doubt, Singapore's best Latin American restaurant, with its potpourri of Mod-Venezuelan and Peruvian-dominated dishes.

What we had:

- Torta de Maiz: twice-baked corn souffle with mushroom ragout, sprinkled with 'queso fresco' cheese crumbles. It was pretty tasty, even if the corn souffle itself tasted oddly sweetish.

- Chorizo Carupanero: a rice dish flavored with spicy chorizos, bell peppers and queso fresco. Probably the best dish of the evening, IMO.

- Chicharrones: crispy pork belly, aji amarillo creme and green tomato salad. I love the texture of the pork belly here, but the flavors were a bit bland.

- Mofongo: green plantain-and-prawn cake, sauteed prawns with tomato stew. Generous portion of prawns, but the overall flavors were again pretty bland.

- Degustación de ceviches: consisting of a trio of Peruvian-style ceviches in tasting portions - (1) Ceviche “Mixto” which included Ahi tuna, salmon, red onions, cilantro, Leche de Tigra, sweet potatoes, spring onion; (2) Ceviche Clasico, which had snapper, shaved red onion, cilantro, sweet potato,
Leche de Tigra, and (3) Ceviche de Camarón, which was shrimp, tomato, red onion, jalapeño pepper, passionfruit, Leche de Tigra, and mint.

- Plato Parrilla: a generous selection of grilled skirt steak, baby lamb chop, chicken breast, pork & blood sausages, and fried yucca (cassava). I enjoyed the steak here, but not the other components on the hotplate.

Desserts were:

- Panqueca de Dulce de Leche, which sounded great on the menu, described as "Triple Sec Flambé Dulce de Leche-cilled Crepes, with candied orange ice-cream. It turned out pretty stodgy and way too sweet for our tastes. The slivers of candied orange, and chopped almonds were pretty nice though.

- “Milhojas”: caramelized puffed pastry, layered with vanilla Diplomat Crème, a much sweeter Iberian take on the millefeuille.

Both desserts were too sweet for my taste. I'd come back here to taste the other items on the menu, which appeared pretty intriguing to us Singaporeans who're not that familiar with Latin American dishes.

Address details
Sur Nuevo Latino
13 North Canal Rd
Singapore 048826
Tel: +65 6222 2897

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  1. This place is like the most in-thing at the moment. I asked the chef what's leche de tigra or tiger's milk the last time I was there. I thought there was milk :)
    He said it's a Peruvian term for the dressing which usually has lime or some acidic component, onions and other herbs and seasonings. I love ceviche so it's always my choice when I'm at SUR.

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    1. re: makanputra

      I'm not a ceviche person, so I'd for for the grilled meats mostly.

    2. The dishes all sounded very tempting. Venezuelan/Peruvian, you say? Looks like the chef used a lot of Mexican queso fresco.