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Mar 29, 2013 11:53 PM

Dolsot Bibimbap

Given the number of korean restaurants in our area (in Annandale, in particular), I'm surprised there isn't a Chowhound thread identifying places with great bibimbap... The dish, served in a heavy, blazing-hot stone bowl, seems a perfect antidote to the continued cold weather.

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  1. True. The one restaurant in my neck of the woods that has some of the best and hottest dolsot bibimbap is Arirang in Rockville. They're also known for their soondubu (spicy tofu stew - also served in dolsots). I guess they just really know their dolsots!

    Otherwise, most other dolsot bibimbaps I've had in Montgomery County have been "fine" at best.

    1. My new fav in Annandale is To Sok Jip, a little hole in the wall on Columbia Pike. Here's a pic of their dolsot bibimbap.

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      1. re: dpan

        To Sok Jip is fantastic. I only got to try their fish (grilled mackerel and in the spicy cod soup). It's scary, though, even for this semi-Korean speaker!

        1. re: ineemeeny

          Scary it's so good? I too had their grilled mackerel and it was fantastic, even great eaten cold as leftover. The seafood pancake was huge, and their spicy beef soup can feed a family of four. A lady next table had the kalbi and that looked fantastic. Have to try that on a future visit.

      2. I was perfectly satisfied with the bibimbap at
        Korean Grill & Rolls
        3131 Golansky Blvd Woodbridge, VA...
        although it's another place that is often savaged in reviews.

        The vegetables weren't the same as I'd had in Seoul, or Beijing, but the more spinachy green was quite good.

        1. As long as the bottom of the rice gets nice and cripsy, I am very pleased. Burke Garden in Burke, VA does this as well as anybody and far better than most.

          And just in case anyone didn't know, 'dolsot' is the name for the stone bowl.

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          1. re: Steve

            When I've had the dolsot bibimbap at Burke Garden, the egg has been fully cooked. The purpose, for me, with any bibimbap is the runny egg yolk. I do think Burke Garden is overlooked for basic Korean food, though.