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Mar 29, 2013 11:04 PM

Dinner on Wednesday night

Ok-- I see I'm not the only person on here asking for recommendations for the right place for a perfect meal. :-) My boyfriend and I are looking for something romantic that oozes New Orleans charm... we're thinking about places like Commander's Palace, Galatoire's and the other similar big-name restaurants. (Despite a bunch of times in NOLA, neither of us has ever been to any of those, so maybe now is the time.) Just seeking something with amazing Southern/NOLA food, great service and tons of Old-South charm. I would appreciate your thoughts a bunch! Thank you!

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  1. You might also consider Feelings Cafe in the Marigny: charm and romance by the bucketful, a fabulous setting, solid food, unpretentious and competent service.

    Not, mind you, that CP or Galatoire's is a bad choice either.

    1. If you haven't been, go ahead and do CP. The whole place is beautiful but the Garden Room particularly so. In line with the old-school theme, maybe Arnaud's, with a French 57 first at their bar. Same cool N.O. vibe but "newer" is Clancy's if you haven't been. Have fun!

      1. Thank you all for the feedback. I think we're going with CP, only because we haven't ever been before. But I looked at the Yelp reviews and the menus for Arnaud's, Clancy's and Feelings... all look like places I'd like, so they're going on the "Restaurants to Try" list :-) Much appreciated!