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Mar 29, 2013 10:14 PM

What would be your Dream Restaurant?

Okay, so we've all sat in a restaurant and said/thought, "Wouldn't it be great if they did this..." or "Imagine if they made a restaurant like ..."
Well here's a chance to share what your dream restaurant would have in it. Whether its simple dish ideas, exotic locations or whimsical concepts, let's hear those ChowHound ideas. I think I'll wait a few posts before I reveal mine.

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  1. My dream restaurant would:

    have multiple dining rooms;

    Adults only
    Casual Dress
    Dress Code
    With live music
    Background music
    NO music

    Different cuisine with ethnic chef in themed dining rooms giving choices of the cuisines I love

    Have a table always available for me
    Have unobtrusive servers who are well trained
    Be close to Home
    Have ample parking
    Have great food

    Meet my every need and expectation.

    WHAT AM I SMOKING???????????????

    The closest to this is my own kitchen and dining room, where I can set the menu and rules.

    1. go eat in the upstairs kitchen, mom and I want a romantic dinner alone tonight

    2. NO iPods, phones, etc in the dining room

    3. No shirts, no shoes, no towel on your wet hair, no pjs in the dining room

    4. Let's have a casual family dinner at the kitchen table and we'll all discuss our day.

    5. Daughter, why don't you play something on the piano while we eat

    6. It's pizza night, put that remix you made in the Bose

    until a restaurant could be made with so many choices, I have to eat at home, where I set the rules, or choose a restaurant that fits my desires for the night's dining.

    But I can dream, can't I?

    1. Could have sworn I replied to this thread some while back. Must have imagined the whole thing. Anyway, here goes:

      It'll be local - within walking distance of home (which means it'll be in our village or the next one.

      It'll be serving local, seasonal food (as far as it can) and cooking it in our regional/national style.

      It'll have staff who know what they are doing - and, by that, I mean that whilst they will be friendly, their service will be delivered without you really knowing that it's happening.

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      1. re: Harters

        Yeah, I had poked around to look for another thread before I made this one- don't want to repeat a dead topic. But I couldn't find one, so I gave this a shot.

        As for me, local is definitely a big deal. I think it's neat when you can put together a dish with items sourced nearby.

        Additionally, I enjoy learning about the food and its history. (I love watching Good Eats) I'm always curious as to what caused ethnic or regional styles to come about... like what confluence of cultures, climates and events caused dishes to become popular in certain areas? Any restaurant that could train their staff to be food-history buffs would be a dream come true.

      2. My requeat seems like it would be easy to fulfill. I'd like a decent locally O&O diner or family type restaurant within just a few miles of our house. I live in the suburban Twin Cities and while there certainly are restaurants like this, none of them are nearby.

        1. A nice ethnic place where my table faced a large window viewing a vast valley/mountain range/seascape with nice matching easy ethnic music. The only other patrons would be attractive (don't have to be "hotties") 40/50 yr.old casually dressed women with no cell phones or stupid tattoos, no loudmouths or loud noise. I don't wan't much.

          1. The other thread went like this:

            My dream breakfast restaurant would be, Toast of the Town-an all egg & bread concoction type of joint opened 24/7.