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Mar 29, 2013 08:19 PM

Dill weed water and Peppermint water?

I got these today from a Persian grocery store. I've used rose water, in sweet dishes and rice, and orange blossom water both in sweet and savory, but never dillweed or peppermint water. I assume these are made from the plant blossoms and not the actual herbs (mint or dill)?

As there doesn't seem to be a plethora of information online about these, I'd appreciate any info as to how these are made and as to what to make with them. I'm thinking of adding them to drinks (coffee, tea, cocktails), and I haven't tasted them yet, but assume both wouldn't be bad in salad dressings, and the mint one would probably work nicely in desserts . . . ?


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  1. I have seen the same waters at a Persian grocery store in Montreal. They had at least 10 different flavours, I too would like to know what to do with them.

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      I live on Maui and I've only seen the rose and orange flower versions. I mix either one with honey for a quick syrup to brush on cakes.

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        I use a touch of rose water in my simple syrup when I do the final soak of rasgullas. Adds just a hint of flavor, but a lovely bouquet (no pun intended).

      2. Does the label have the name in another language? I would google the "other name" plus "recipe" and then use Google Images to get a feel for what you could do.

        EDIT: I used for EN->Turkish and EN->Persian and then did the Google images for what it gave me for dill water. Some intriguing looking dishes.

        1. I saw the dill water a few months ago at a Persian grocery and was intrigued. I'm glad you posted the query.

          1. Dill rice is a popular Persian dish. Perhaps there's a way to use the water that way?

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              i was thinking of the dill with a starch -- rice, potatoes, cous cous. the peppermint with fruit salad. depending on how strong the mint is, it could also go with meat or shellfish.

            2. Dill weed water and peppermint water are usually used to soothe upset stomachs and gassiness. They aren't really for cooking. You can take a teaspoon or so, as a natural soother for stomach issues.

              Both are used in gripe water, if you're familiar with that.

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                Oh, interesting! Always something to learn here. :-)