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Mar 29, 2013 07:24 PM

Near House of Blues tomorrow night

We're heading to a show at HOB tomorrow night and are looking for recs near that venue. We love Eastern Standard, but want to check out someplace new. On the list of possibilities:
La Verdad
Island Creek
Citizen Public

We generally like drinks and apps or to share plates. Any thoughts on these?

Many thanks!

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  1. First off, my sympathies that you have to go to HoB, the most appalling shithole of a concert venue in the entire city, although I hear good things about Local Natives live and the new album is great. You can really hear what the guy from The National brought to it.

    That said, if you're specifically looking for drinks and shared plates, La Verdad probably makes the most sense. Just order your way around the starters and hit the margaritas and palomas. It won't set your world aflame, but you could do worse.

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      1. re: Beachowolfe

        Terrible sound, a characterless and comfort-free room and a staff that ranges from surly to actively antagonistic. I simply stopped going there, even for bands I love.

        1. re: Jenny Ondioline

          I don't go to a ton of shows but I saw ABR there last year. Staff was not antagonistic at all. Thought it was a decent venue but I guess when the music's loud it's tough to tell the difference.

          I think it often provides an opportunity to see bigger name bands that wouldn't play in a place like the middle east w/o having to go to a huge venue. Certainly has to be better than Gillette or the Garden, right?

          What do you mean by "comforts"?

    1. la Verdad has a newly hired chef who is enthusiastic. For many yrs now we have been regulars in the cafe part- for the best carne asada tacos and pescado tacos that we have had in new england. So sumptuous. that said, we are not fans of the other taco fillings. Guac and chiles rellenos are exc; corn ears w/ cheese etc. can be good but we don't rec it in the winter.

      fwiw, ICOB is a tremendously loved place on CH and we are big fans as well, but better to devote a slow evening to it imo.

      1. Island Creek! Not that I don't like the other choices but ICOB is just spectacular IMHO. Ask for a rez at the back bar.

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          i would do Island Creek too. There's also Sweet Cheeks and Schlow's mexican place 2.0 - barrio cantina - replaced his old Happy's space.

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