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Mar 29, 2013 05:31 PM

Easter dessert that is refreshing

Charged with bringing a dessert for easter. Knowing that there will also be cheesecake, ice cream pie, cream puffs and the boatload of chocolate, thinking something along the fruit salad line might help balance the rich overload. But it's a bit early in the northeast for my favorite peach and basil salad. Any other suggestions for a fruit salad or fruit dessert that will help those of us trying not to go too overboard.

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  1. Mounds of strawberries? They could be eaten separately, but would also compliment many of the other desserts.

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      I think maybe it's too early in the season for really tasty strawberries? The ones I'm seeing are still awfully anemic.

      I'm making a carrot cake and lemon bars for Easter. I'm still cobbling together bits of different recipes for my cake, but will be doing Tartine's lemon bars (doubled so they really look like they do in the bakery).

      The lemon bars are QUITE tart so definitely refreshing.

      Pretty much anything tart and citrusy will fit your bill.

    2. A citrus salad, with supremes of blood oranges, grapefruits, tangerines and any other interesting citrus fruits you can find would be nice. I also LOVE lemon desserts in the spring (or really, any time!) - a lemon meringue pie or little parfaits of lemon curd and fresh berries would be delicious.

      1. lime curd tart with blackberries and/or blueberries...Bon Appetit has a really great recipe.

        1. My friend always brings a meringue dessert - she bakes three meringue layers, tops each with mango puree and whipped cream, stacks them and freezes the cake. Cake defrosts during the dinner and she arranges sliced mango on top just before serving. Light and delicious!

          1. a trifle -- when I want a lighter version, I skip the traditional custard.

            I use angel-food cake to make it even lighter, then drizzle with Cointreau (or similar), lightly-crushed fruit, and whipped cream.

            You can make it a day ahead (it's Saturday - get busy!) and it looks very pretty in a big glass bowl.

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              I do a lemon curd trifle with limoncello and raspberries, ravishing in a glass dish and very good to eat.

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                oh, YUM....I make my own limoncello (easy!) -- this would be awesome.

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                  Would you mind sharing your recipe? It sounds great!