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Mar 29, 2013 05:24 PM

Seeking the best NY-Style Cheescake recipe

Have you found a delicious, no-fail recipe? It would be a bonus if it could be scaled down to yield ~6 servings. TIA.

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  1. For each 8 oz of full fat cream cheese, one large egg, sweetener, lemon juice (and zest, optional) and vanilla to taste. Beat on low just until creamy/blended, don't over beat.

    Bake in a bain marie at 350 until still jiggly in the middle, don't overbake. Turn off oven, let it cool before removal.

    I don't use a recipe any more.

    1. My mom always used the recipe from her Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. Simply the best cheesecake I've ever eaten. I'd guess her cookbook was circa 1960's.