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Mar 29, 2013 05:16 PM

One night out in NYC sans kids: momofuku ko, acme or something completely different

Hi. We have one night out in NYC. I have managed a reservation for ko. Also have acme held. We are from London where the restaurant scene is fantastic at the moment. Want something we can't get in London that will blow us away but don't want fine dining. Love great unpretentious food and are big on natural wines. Do love Roka in London and am thinking ko might be similar. We also have lots of lunch/brunch opportunities with the kids so any suggestions gratefully received!!

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  1. When is your trip? What date is your night out?

    Ko only books ten days in advance, so it's a little late to be planning for an alternative...

    Many of the likely substitutions will be pretty booked up as popular restaurants here fill up 3-4 weeks ahead.

    Are you willing to eat at 6 or 10pm (maybe later)?

    What's your budget? Ko isn't cheap but it sounds like you're up for anything that isn't fine dining?

    Have you taken a look at other threads London hounds have started? Lots of lunch/brunch ideas in there. How old / mature / picky are the kids?

    1. Blanca could be an option. Better call ASAP Monday morning though.

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        More on Blanca:

        Blanca is by reservation only serving dinner Wednesday-Saturday.
        The cost is $180 per person, not including tax or gratuity.
        We are currently booked through the month of March and will start taking new reservations Monday April 1st. Please call 347 799 2807 between the hours of 9am and 5pm on this date so that we may accommodate you.