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Mar 29, 2013 04:54 PM

Near Liverpool St station?

Have seen a few older recs on this board near the Andaz Hotel at Liverpool St station but wondering if any updates. Prefer to be able to walk to the restaurant and need somewhere a single male would be comfortable. Through another post, I was recommended to the George and Vulture in the City-- any thoughts on that one? Interested in most cuisines but I have the luxury of living in a city with some of the best Asian food in the world so generally don't go Chinese/Japanese/Vietnamese when traveling (but open minded if someone has a fabulous rec!). Thanks in advance.

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  1. Both Hawksmoor and St John are very short walks from Liverpool St

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    1. re: mr_gimlet

      St John menus on line look like they cater to groups-- most have minimums of 4 people?

      Assume by Hawksmoor, you mean the one in Spitalfield Market?

      1. re: J and V

        Are you reading the correct menu? This is today's lunch and dinner will be similar: all normal portions designed for an individual.

        If you are looking at the "Feasting Menu" then yes this is designed for sharing and is usually served in the private room for big parties.

        1. re: PhilD

          st john bread & wine is probably closer to liverpool st

          1. re: t_g

            Hawksmoor's about another 200m, they're pretty close to each other

        2. re: J and V

          I've eaten and St Johns on my own a few times and its fine (as in fine for a solo diner, and excellent for food). And would second the rec for the Jugged Hare pub, it's not too far of a walk.

      2. I haven't been yet, but the new Jugged Hare gastropub is a fairly short walk and gets good reviews. Only other new place that springs to mind is HKK, but that's high-end Chinese.

        1. Cinnamon Kitchen is a stone's throw from the station. I much prefer it to Cinnamon Club, not just the look and feel of the place but also the food.

          Much more casual, I had a great laksa at Ekachai but you did say no Asian (by which I'm actually reading East Asian, as India is also Asian but not as prevalent in North America).

          1. L'Anima is good for Italian and near the station. I second Cinnamon Kitchen, it's excellent Indian and better than you'll get in Van (Vikram's is wildly overrated).

            Not too far would be some of the Pakistani places in Whitechapel (Tayyab's, Needoo, or Lahore) which are something you will not find in Vancouver and will be very very cheap.

            Definitely don't bother with Chinese in London, though the upmarket places are kind of fun compared with those in Richmond (food might not be as good, but they're much cooler -- Yauatcha is great for dim sum in a very non-Vancouver way).

            Definitely don't do any Vietnamese and probably not Japanese either, regardless of what people tell you neither cuisine can hold a candle to what you can get in Vancouver (especially Vietnamese).

            1. Of those suggested, I did dine at the Jugged Hare. Excellent food, great atmosphere and friendly service. Thanks for the rec.