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Mar 29, 2013 04:37 PM

Minneapolis-St. Paul Dish of the Month (April 2013) - Voting

Well, I guess I just unanimously declared myself the new admin for this topic thread :)

Anyway, I would just like to state that in the future, during the nomination thread, I will take all responses seriously. I do have a sense of humor and much like last month's nomination when someone jokingly mentioned toast, I actually thought that might be an interesting item to discuss because, of course, toast is only as good as the bread that it is based on. However, since toast is not technically a "Dish", I would not include it.

So moving on, here are this month's contenders:

Bread Pudding (sweet or savory)
Green Salads
Hot Dogs/Sausages
Sandwiches (Iconic or otherwise)

Because this is a Holiday weekend, I will leave the voting open until 12 noon on Wednesday April 4.

So have at it..........

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