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Mar 29, 2013 03:48 PM

4 days in Memphis, what not to miss

I've read some of the recommendations on there, and will check out Gus's fried chicken.

we want to try a barbecue place too. Should we check out Corky's? Central?

We will have a car and are hoping to stay downtown.


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  1. Corkys?!?!? CENTRAL ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. By the way, Gus's is a little different from your fast food chicken chains, but not necessarily better. They use a "wet dip" batter that some people are turned off by because they are not used to it. I liked it but my companions complained. Still, the best Fried chicken requires Crisco and a brown bag!
      (Watch "The Help").

      1. Central Barbecue recently opened a place downtown, off South Main, very close to the Civil Rights museum. That is probably the best bbq option downtown. Other places that I like a lot that are a bit further out are Cozy Corner (actually sort of downtown, but north of the core), Payne's, and BBQ Shop. Corky's is a long way east and, in my mind, not as good as any of these.

        Felicia Suzanne and Flight are good spots for a "nice" meal downtown, if you're looking for that. Iris is probably my favorite nicer restaurant in town - they are also in midtown.

        Not sure where you are from or if you are a sports fan, but the Grizzlies are still playing (NBA) and the Redbirds (AAA baseball) start this week. Both stadiums are downtown and are usually a lot of fun. Redbirds games can be very cheap - and the stadium has a lot of fun food options.

        1. Thanks, I appreciate the suggestions, because I'm just going off the info the tourist board sent and what I've read in magazines

          1. I'll 2nd Cozy Corner. If you go you have to try the BBQ cornish game hen. I would also only go to Cozy Corner for lunch.