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Mar 29, 2013 02:41 PM

Traverse City, MI & Glen Arbor, MI casual dining spots?

We're planning a family vacation from Ohio to Traverse City and Sleeping Bear Dunes (Glen Arbor), Michigan in August 2013. Looking for casual, non-chain, kid-friendly (we'll have our 5yr old and 10 month old with us) dinner and lunch spots. Our 5 yr old is rather adventurous for that age, so pretty much any menu works for us. What's good and local to the area?

I also wouldn't mind recs for a good coffeeshop/bakery (that might offer sandwiches we could get as take-out for a picnic along the way) and maybe an ice cream shop.

Lodging specifics still need to be worked out, but right now we are strongly considering a B&B about 5 miles west of 'downtown' TC.

Thanks for any info you can pass my way. :)

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  1. When we went last year, we *loved* the French bakery/café Patisserie Amie / Chez Peres. We also had a nice casual breakfast at Martha's Leelenau Table.

    You'll find lots more recommendations for TC in these discussions:

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      ^ that is the best suggestion so far. definitely a don't miss

    2. For ice cream, Moomers out on Long Lake Rd. is a fun stop.
      A couple days a week they have tours (small fee), fun for kids-

        1. Art's Tavern in Glen Arbor

          Get a real fruit milkshake at Don's just east of TC.

          The Blue Tractor in TC is a decent place kids will like.

          You can get stuff for a picnic at Burdicks in TC. But I love the chicken salad at Tom's (grocery store).

          1. Thank you to all who responded. This gives me a good start and I'm already checking these places out online. I am really liking Blue Tractor. Sounds like what we'd be looking for.

            Red Mesa... what do they do best? What on their menu would you recommend?

            Moomers looks fun! I think we'd be able to do the dairy tour, given the timeframe we'll be there.

            I can't seem to find any online reference for Burdick's via google. Is it a restaurant, bakery, grocery store, what?

            Also, any good pizza places in the area? We like a flavorful sauce (not sweet), bread-like crust, quality toppings (not necessarily gourmet, just good stuff). Anything along those lines nearby or is it all chains?

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              Sorry, its Burritt's.
              For pizza, check out Full Moon Pizza Company or That'sa Pizza