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Mar 29, 2013 01:56 PM

Restaurant Nam Quan

I'm surprised my search for Nam Quan didn't give any results here. Hope I wrote the name correctly. I will be brief about that PHO restaurant on jarry street. If we talk just about the PHO, it's probably the best Vietnamese soup I ever had in Montreal. I enjoyed it more than Pho lien on CDN and Pho Lien is a great soup. Generous portions and a broth that was just amazing. See photo

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  1. Hi, Five!

    Whereabouts is it on Jarry? Assume it is between Parc and Acadie. Cross street?

    That Pho looks very good - any other memorable dishes?

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    1. re: lagatta

      no it's further east between st-Michel and Pie-Ix. Across the street from Jean-Talon Pieces Auto.

    2. Can you get PHO without cilantro or any trace of it in the PHO or is it all in the soup from the start?

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      1. re: williej

        Most pho broths are made with coriander seeds(though the seeds don't really taste like the herb). Some places use the stems in the stock, so I guess you have to ask.