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Mar 29, 2013 01:54 PM

Gelatin substitution in wonderful yogurt pudding?

This yogurt pudding is a favorite of mine, and I'd like to make it for vegetarian friends tomorrow. Can anyone suggest a sure substitute for the gelatin? I have fruit pectin on hand - would that work? Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'd suggest agar agar. I get the kind from the Asian store. I think it's a mix, not just agar. Agar is tricky to work with, though. Check the ingredients because some have gelatin in it.

    I think the yogurt would still be tasty even if it didn't mold like in the picture. Just be prepared since it doesn't seem like you'll have much time to experiment before tomorrow ;)

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      Thanks. I'll try to find agar agar, although not for this dilemma. What makes it tricky?

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        There are two forms of agar agar, flakes and powder. Neither are a clear substitution for gelatin, I've read anything from 3:1 a for g and .10:1...

        There's a thread in CH regarding agar marshmallows and it didn't seem to come to a conclusion. I've checked google many times and figure ill just have to experiment myself.

        A few of those techniques may be useful in making your recipe vegetarian. I know your recipe uses yogurt but you could probably achieve similar with milk. It's the orange and cardamom that make it so special.

        What did you end up doing?

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          I find agar powder to be easiest to use & cheapest from a local Asian grocery. The flakes/threads don't always dissolve nicely, at least for me.
          Best thing to do is find a brand at a local store then stick with it. Try a few recipes using agar and play with your ratios. Once you have a feel for it, it's really pretty easy to use. There are a few recipes out there that use either gelatin OR agar agar...

    2. Try looking in your kosher section of your grocery store. Kosher gelatin is vegetarian.

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        I believe kosher gelatin is fish based.

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            Some kosher gelatin is fish based, others are suitable for vegetarians.
            I was actually looking up a substitute for gelatin for a panna cotta on chowhound earlier today and it appears that KoJel is a decent vegetarian gelatin. I haven't tried it out myself (just found out today), but it might be worth looking up (both the one I mentioned and other vegetarian kosher gelatin as well).

            1. re: Cinnamonster

              I've read that kosher gelatin can be made from pig, cow and its in particular kosher and halal gelatin that is fish.

              I believe a better term for vegan gelatin is exactly that. They tend to be called Jel


              Not sure how easy they are to come by except for online shopping

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                Thanks for the specific brand names and for the llink. Very helpful.

        1. If you can't find kosher gelatin just serve it in ramekins. It will be a little less structured, but lovely.

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            You're totally right. Less fuss.

          2. I adore that recipe. It has been a long time staple for me. This might be crazy, but ask your vegetarians if they do gelatin. I know several who aren't dogmatic about it.

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            1. Sorry, no suggestions but wanted to thank you for the recipie, looks great!

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