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Mar 29, 2013 01:43 PM

Metro 8 in Durham still open?

I was going to try this place tonight, but they don't take OpenTable and no one was answering the phone around noonish. I left voicemail, but received no callback. I just tried again (going on 5pm on a Friday night) and there's still no answer. I assume there's no way even a dinner-only restaurant isn't open by now and doing prep?

(I think I'm too spoiled by OpenTable, but I've also never had a problem getting someone to answer the phone at a restaurant, provided you weren't trying to call at 7am or something.)

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  1. Had dinner there last Friday, they were open then

    1. They did end up calling me back about 45 minutes before my reservation time. Aside from the reserving hiccup, we had a very nice dinner. Top notch service, and the churrasco steak and dulce de leche crepes were awesome. We will return.

      1. Yeah they don't get much mention on here but glad to know it it still open.

        1. Can't say enough good things about their churrasco. I think it's the best hanger steak around. I'm a ribeye-loyalist when it comes to steak; unless I'm at Metro 8. I can be talked into their empanadas/churrasco/chcolate mouse (and maybe a glass of malbec) any day.