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Jun 12, 2000 01:46 AM

good Mexican barbecued lamb in Austin

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I had a great barbecued lamb dish at Taqueria el Borrego de Oro (2414 S. First St., Austin).

The meat on the berria (sp?) plate was half crispy, half soft and lammy thru and thru. Tomatoes and onion cooked alongside also tasted like lamb.

This probably was not real barbecue as it did not taste of smoke. Maybe cooked in an oven and finished on a griddle. It was delicious.

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  1. Have you had the (not Mexican) barbecued lamb at Sam's out on 12th Street, which is to say the best African-American 'cue stand in Central Texas? Truly, truly fine stuff, right down to the bones.

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      You know, I've always skipped the lamb in favor of the sometimes great brisket and sausage, though that brisket is so random I hadn't gone in a while. After reading your post I went back to Sam's and got a mixed plate with all three meats.

      I loved the lamb. It had chewy parts, lush parts, it was moist and had lots of flavor cooked in. Brisket had an off day and tasted like charcoal (it changes like the weather). The sausage was its usual mellow, good self.

      Thanks for the tip! I have a lot more reason to go back now.

      1. re: Pepper

        That's not lamb you had, partner, that was mutton. According to fans, (I've had it there, but I'm not a fan)Sam's is some of the best, but it is a heck of a lot gamier and more full of gristle than lamb. I'm not saying that's bad, but it's not lamb any more than I'm a little toddler.