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Mar 29, 2013 01:15 PM

L'artisan Piadineria

Anyone tried this café snack place before? Located at the corner of St-Denis and Sherbrooke. Big change from the usual panini sandwich. It's not a Lebanese pita bread nor a crepe. It's cooked in front of you filled with the toppings of your choices.

I never saw a snack place like this in North America before. It was a bit thicker than the one I had in Europe but it was very good.

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  1. Yeah, small hole in the wall that Foglia (famous La Presse columnist) made famous by mentioning a year ago:


    Piadina is a kind of crepe/pizza crust that you fill with prosciutto, provolone, sausages, gorgonzola, etc...It's a specialty from Emilia-Romagna (IT


    I heard good things from people who tried it as well.

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      Great story or shall we say love story.

    2. Thanks you, Five4z, for sharing this. I had walked by this place a million times before noticing it, and alas, I've finally tried it after seeing this post.

      It was great! The piadine and the cannoli are excellent! I had my piadina with prosciutto (great quality, btw), arugula and some kind of creamy cheese whose name I forget (oops).

      Looking forward to trying their tiramisu as well.

      Besides, the owner was really nice and friendly. I'm definitely becoming a regular there.

      Oh, FYI, they've been open for almost exactly two years now. Apparently, there'll be a special anniversary celebration tomorrow (Sat., March 6), in which there will be gift certificate raffles: https://www.facebook.com/events/15330...

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        I know its cold out still, but March 6 is tomorrow? Back to the past!

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          Yes, the event is only available to those of us who own a DeLorean.

          And, yes, I meant tomorrow, *April* 6.

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          You're welcome. Yes the owner is very nice indeed.

        3. So, they've just opened up a 2nd Artisan Piadineria on 1576 Mont-Royal-Est. Same concept longer hours of operation. Same great service as the one on St.-Denis. Definitely worth checking out!