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Mar 29, 2013 12:58 PM

Food near Case Western Reserve? [CLE]

My kid is looking at Case Western and I will be looking for places to eat in the vicinity. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Cheap or expensive - as long as the food is good. If there is someplace where I can get good food sitting at the bar, that would be a plus, since most of my meals will be solo. Thanks

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  1. Cheap:

    -Presti's (pastry shop with some additional food-- try the stromboli for lunch-- and some of the ganache-dipped cookies for dessert)
    -Valentino's (great pizza, not much else, carry out or patio dining only)

    Not Cheap:

    -L'Albatros (excellent food, outstanding service, can sit at the bar)
    -Washington Place (not terribly pricey, can sit in lounge/bar area; it is also a small inn/b&b so there is usually at least one solo traveler there for dinner!)

    These are all within easy walking distance. There are other options but these are my favorites/off the top of my head.

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      Maybe too late, but if you ever go to L'Albatros get the french toast appetizer - OUTSTANDING.

    2. Maxi's in Little Italy is good and you can sit at the bar.

      1. Mama Santa's pizza in little italy is cheap and pretty good.