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Jun 3, 2000 03:07 PM

Cooking with Copper, and a good Mexican Food Place

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I'm not sure what kind of messages or requests are put on your message board, but I would like to know if there are any gourmet chefs out there that can tell, why copper pans are good for cooking, and what things to cook in them. I know that whipping egg whites in a copper mixing bowl increases the volume, but what else are they good for.

I'm from Houston and there is a good Mexican food place called Lupe Tortillas off of Hwy 6 between I10 south and Memorial Drive. It is just a small house, and if you go during lunch or dinner rush you might have to wait. Be careful if you have margaritas they delicious and potent. There entres are king size, and wonderful. Call for directions to there place if you are new to Houston or just to the west side. EAT AND ENJOY!!!!!!

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  1. I'm not a chef, but a serious amateur cook. I have a lot of copper pots. They're good because they heat very quickly and, most important, conduct heat evenly, so there are no hot spots and the food cooks evenly. They can be bought lined with tin or stainless steel [a fairly recent development].The tin lined pots cannot be used on the very highest heat, or the tin will melt. Tin lining also needs to be replaced when copper begins to show through, usually every couple of years for me. The stainless steel lined pots can be used on high heat and don't need to be re-lined- however, I'm told they aren't as good because stainless steel is a very poor conductor of heat. I prefer the tin.It's good to use a nice heavy, thick copper pot as opposed to a thin one that will burn food too easily. You can cook anything in them. It's dangerous to use them if the copper is coming through signifigantly. There can be either an unpleasant chemical reaction with the food, or, if there is verdigris [the green coating you see on old copper that hasn't been cleaned in ages]. It is very toxic and can cause very deadly illness. They can be polished with a mixture of vinegar and salt or a commercial copper cleaner [much more expensive]. The best brand is considered to be made by Mauviel in France. Hope this has been helpful. JOJ

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      thank you for the data. I am new to cooking; where does one get a pot refinished? can tomato products be cooked?

    2. Glad you got an answer to your copper question from a fellow Texas board browser; in the future, general questions like that will probably get more responses if you post them to the General Topics or Not About Food message boards.