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Mar 29, 2013 12:17 PM

Canmore Update

Few things happening here in Canmore as of late. First off we have a new Indian Restaurant on Bow Valley Trail called the Spice Hut - have eaten there a couple of times & been very impressed, although service is very, very slow at times I put this down to the fact that they are cooking to order - consequently when your food arrives it is piping hot & very fresh. As a Brit I find the spicing quite mild & the decor lacking in charm - but its a solid, quality addition to the dining scene here & the prices are good. Marra's Way sushi continues to be our fallback option, sushi is good & one day we will get to try the izakaya option they offer later in the evening.

Of course the Poutine at La Belle Patate is outstanding - the food & service here is so good- lucky to have this gem nestled away in the industrial area of Canmore (yes there is one!).

Communitea is the best coffee spot in my opinion, love the Intelligensia they brew there & the lunch menu is always hearty & healthy at the same time. Mercato is also consistently excellent - they make real effort to bring in great ingredients in the grocery section.

Le Fournil Bakery also on BV Trail - is a first class bakery, as good as anywhere in Calgary - the sandwiches are a treat & the pastries sublime - glad to see it is busy most of the time.

Not much new has opened over the winter other than the Spice Hut. The Mexican restaurants on Main seem to chug along, but I baulk at the prices there.

The Grizzly Paw brewery should open soon, you cant miss it as you head along the Highway. A second Good Earth cafe will open in the new Elevation Place Rec Centre.

That's about it - spring is sprung here (at least for the long weekend) - once the farmer's market gets rolling, the ice cream bus returns & the patios open we'll be well & truly back in business.

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  1. Thanks for the update. I keep meaning to try the poutine place but have yet to. What day of the week and where does the farmer's market take place?

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      The farmer's market is on Thursday from 9-4 (I think, no guarantees those times are exact). Don't count on them for peaches - most other produce runs the gamut from so-so to quite nice. What I'm saying is it's not the Calgary farmer's market, but it's something.

      La Belle Patate is great. The worst thing about it is I often go skiing on Mondays and crave poutine after. That is the one day a week they are closed. My favourite kind is the one with steak and green peppers, but any of them will hit the spot.

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        Good to know.
        The two places I always stop at in Canmore are Rocky Mountain Bagel and Nutters. Oh do I love the snacks in the bulk bins at Nutters.

    2. My wife & I were in Canmore last Dec on our way to Banff. Had heard about a couple of Mexican places so decided to check them out. We looked at one spot which as I recalled was formerly a coffee joint, looked like it was running a deficit in the ambience dept so took a pass. We finally found the other spot which was on main street, from the decor, formerly a Greek restaurant? We went in & had a look at the menu; the server was completely indifferent, the prices were outrageous, ie, an enchilada was almost $17. What???
      We have spent much time in New Mexico, specifically, Santa Fe & Taos. Mexican food in Canmore appeared like it would fall far short of the mark!
      We ended up having a fairly pleasant lunch at Murrieta`s, very good service, average food & a great mountain vista.

      1. We used to go to Summit cafe for breakfast on our visits to Canmore, haven't been in that direction for a while. Is it still there? Worthwhile still?

        1. My spouse and I had our anniversary dinner at Tapas, in Canmore, in November, and it was one of our top meals of 2012. It was fantastic - great service, interesting food, reasonable prices, and it was romantic, upstairs in that little house. I hadn't heard too much about it beforehand, but we are dying to go back. Fingers crossed we'll make it there this summer!