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Mar 29, 2013 12:13 PM

Good Mexican Food in San Diego

Guidance, please, to good Mexican food in San Diego.

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  1. This thread may be a good start, do some additional searches.

    1. For touristy splash and color, Casa de Reyes or Casa Guadalajara in Old Town.
      For the real deal: for seafood, Mariscos El Pulpo in the Gaslamp; for tacos, etc, La Cuatro Milpas in Barrio Logan

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      1. re: Mephiboseth

        Mephi: Por Dios. Please do not steer anyone to Casa Guadalajara. That would be a huge disserve to anyone coming here wanting to try decent Mexican food.
        For "splash and color", Super Cocina is a good match.

        My recommendation: El Comal.

      2. I would go where Mexicans the Bonita section of Chula Vista you have 3 good ones -- Romesco's Baja Med Bistro (the best); Los Arcos (great fish tacos) and TJ Oyster House (also great fish could also check out Karina's--couple of locations.

        1. Not to bash you or anything but you should specify what you find to be 'good' mexican. Example being my brother in NYC who eats at all the top restaurants in NYC and yet HATES any Mexican food that's not tex-mex. Examples being tex-mex, chipotle, regional, taco shops and taco bell. Based on your choices we can prob filter the top ones for your preference unless you like all Mexican food :-)

          1. Husband and I had lunch at El Charco in Chula Vista two weeks ago and I am still in a haze from the food. That would be my recommendation.