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Mar 29, 2013 11:16 AM

Fresh Lobster Dinner

What restaurant in Fairfield County serves delicious fresh steamed or broiled lobster?

Will be traveling there in a few weeks.

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  1. It's a big county. I am not likely to be found dining on lobster in the county, but in the northern part of the county, Jim Barbarie's (RT 37) Danbury (off I-84 exits 5 or 6) has been renowned for their fresh and large lobsters for more than 35 years. I was in business in Danbury from 1980-1990 and we often took visitors there for lobster. My next door neighbor, here in Trumbull makes a monthly drive to Barbarie's for her lobster fix.

    as an aside: My late father used to go crazy for their Maine Mussels served with garlic, scallions, Roma tomatoes in a chablis butter broth. It really was like eating a Manhattan mussel chowder with no potatoes or salt pork.

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      Thanks for the suggestion. However, we are based along 1-95 corridor and don't want to venture that far.

    2. You might like The Restaurant at Rowayton Seafood. Sweet lobster in a turn of the century New England setting on the water. Reservations are a must

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        That was one place I was considering. However, the reviews on Tripadvisor make me think a steamed lobster at dinner would be more costly than any other place! Since you are a "foodie from Stamford," I would imagine you have been dining up and down the shore towns in Fairfield County. Would you go to SONO Seafood Rest. on Water Street in So. Norwalk for steamed lobster?

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          Yes, Rowayton is on the expensive side, so we save it for special occaisions.

          Sono is just ok, tho I've never tried their lobster. I've never been impressed, but confess I haven't been there in years.

          As an economical alternative, consider the King Lobster rolls at Knapp's Landing in Stratford. These are not Lobster Salad rolls like you get in Mass and Maine. Dripping in butter, and no mayo, these hot lobster rolls are a Connecticut specialty. And KL overlooks where the Houstanic meets the Sound, so as you eat you can watch the fishing and oyster boats ply the waters.

          Also for Lobster rolls, there is the Rowayton Seafood Market right next to the Restaurant.

          Many retail markets in Fairfield Cty (Fairway, Shoprite, New Wave Seafood) will steam their lobsters while you wait to take home. At their price you can really satiate your lobster cravings. They travel well.

          There's more of an abundance of Lobster choises on the Eastern Ct. shore above New Haven.

      2. May want to consider Chowder Pot in Branford. While not Fairfield County, right off I-95. They have Monday Night Lobster Specials. If you are worried about price, now may not be a good time for lobster dinners. We were at Chowder Pot in Branford end of March, and they had to suspend their Monday night Lobster specials because the prices were through the roof. I think 1.5-lb steamed on that night was $33. Monday night specials have resumed though. Be prepared to wait. And get the peel-your-own shrimp--largest around.

        Not the best place but great for lobster.

        Another place that would be fine for steamed lobster is Sono Seafood in Norwalk.

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          Thanks for the tip. We heard lobster prices in CT had soared. So are thinking we will forego.