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Mar 29, 2013 11:12 AM

Where is the El Matador Taco Truck?

Used to live in LA, now live on the east coast. But every time I return, I head to El Matador at about 1am several times for some al pastor.

BUT, the last two times I've been back out to LA have been much busier and, in three trips (one late night and two around 1-3 in the afternoon) I have not been able to find that beautiful truck in its usual resting place at N. Western and Lexington.... has it moved? Is it not there at lunch (which i would never have noticed before because I never tried to go there for lunch until recently)?

Help! I miss it dearly.

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  1. It was easy. I did a GOOGLE search and found them on Facebook posting their location. Often trucks move around so FB or Twitter is the best way to find them.

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    1. re: SIMIHOUND

      that's not them. this is not a taco truck with a twitter or a facebook page, they're pretty basic, and they've been in the same spot for years AND there are recent yelp reviews listing their normal location.

      i would suggest that you imagine i've already googled/scoured the internet for an answer on this topic on my own. i'm looking for a person who was there recently.

      for clarification, this is el matador -

      1. re: mahjede

        My apologies. Some folks don't even try to do their own searches on this board. I jumped the gun. The FB page I made reference to has posts talking about the location of N. Western and Lexington so I assumed it was the same truck.

        1. re: SIMIHOUND

          they're actually both one and the same. they're still there and were still there when i drove by it yesterday. they have been at the same auto body shop after dusk for years. they are never there for lunch since there's an acutal working autobody shop there during the day.

          oddly, a second, different taco truck is parked at the same location, at the same time. there's a third at another auto body shop on the other side of the freeway on western.

          pretty much like el chato. been at the same location forever and still there.

        2. re: mahjede

          Not having some way of communicating with them (the truck) makes it difficult. I found this old review on Bandini's taco hunt site and it says they are at their usual location after 7 pm. So an afternoon run is probably fruitless for you.
          It appears they do show up at their old location with regularity.
          I used to hit the El Chato truck and they would observe religious dates and not work on days like Good Friday.

          1. re: Feed_me

            Where is the el Chato truck? I've gone by a few times and it wasn't there.

            1. re: LuluTheMagnificent

              This should probably be on an El Chato truck thread, but sometimes they have mechanical problems and right now I think they are observing religious holidays. I know I once went on a Friday years past and I asked later when I saw them, I was told they were observing Good Friday so they didn't go out that night. They don't come out on Sundays. The owners live in Rosemead so it's a haul.
              It says they won't be back until Tuesday. Their phone number is on their facebook page. I found a link to their twitter. They are really nice folks, but because of the crowds when I've gone past I haven't eaten there in a long time.