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Mar 29, 2013 11:10 AM

Coming to Seattle TOMORROW and would love some recs :)

Hi everyone - I should have sent this much, much sooner but time got away from me.... but I am coming to Seattle tomorrow morning from LA with my boyfriend and we are so excited - we've never been here!

I would love your opinion on what I've tentatively decided on, but am completely open to other suggestions....

Saturday - we arrive around 1. I'm thinking a late lunch at Serious Pies since we're staying downtown and it should be quick to get to.

Saturday night - late dinner at Tavolata - or should we go to Staple & Fancy instead? Another option is Revel - is there something/anything cute around there that we could walk around and see while we wait for a table (since they don't take reservations)?

Now here's where it gets tricky. On Sunday afternoon my wonderful mother and extremely picky grandmother are arriving to join us.

I think Sunday while we wait for them we will probably head to the market to walk around and eat. I want to hit up Pike Place Chowder and Pirosky Pirosky for sure!

We are planning on going to Purple Cafe for dinner. Is that a good choice for a grandmother? :) If not, can you recommend something else?

Monday - do you have any recommendations for a great brunch spot nearby the Alexis Hotel, preferably one with seafood?

And when would be the best time to try and hop over to Walrus and the Carpenter so I can eat oysters? Barring that, can you recommend a place in the market for oysters so I can get my fix?

Thank you, THANK YOU in advance for your help. I can't wait to explore your beautiful city!

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  1. I wouldn't suggest Purple for Grandma - its extremely loud. I also thing Staple and Fancy is probably more fun than Tavolata but definitely get reservations. You should be able to if you are going late - though Tavolata does show more availability on Open Table.

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      Purple is a steep uphill walk from the Alexis, FYI.

    2. At Walrus, go at opening, or line up a little before before opening if on a weekend.

      As for Tavolata vs. Staple, check out the menus of each and see what looks best. If you don't have a car, then Tavolata would be a lot easier. I love their spaghetti with chicken meatballs. It sounds so ordinary but it's so so good.

      Plenty of stuff to look at around Revel. A couple blocks south is the Ship Canal, with a walk/bike path, and the epicenter of the Fremont neighborhood is just a couple blocks SE. Walk toward Fremont Ave and you'll find lots of stuff.

      I'm not sure you're going to find a Monday brunch. Breakfast sure, but a seafood brunch? Hmm...what about an early seafood lunch?

      I'm not sure anyone really raves about the food at Purple. In what way is your Grandmother picky?

      1. I always take my parents and grandparents to Ray's Boathouse when they're here. The cafe upstairs has a nice view and everyone can find something "safe" on the menu. My grandmother loves that place. Plus you can check out the locks on the way.

        The Brooklyn isn't in the market, but it's close and they have lots of Oysters.

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        1. re: Brunhilde

          Ray's is a great idea - my mother also loves it. It may be hard t get a reservation, though, because the weekend forecast is for stellar weather. The view at Ray's packs people in. A spectacular place that older people favor is Nell's. The food there is among the best in the city and it is very quiet. Also near some upscale retirement housing so lots of older folks go there.

          1. re: bourbongal

            Ray's sounds great - but is it really a 20 minute drive from the Alexis Hotel? Is it worth the schlep?

            1. re: queen jord

              Ray's is one of old Seattle's venerable eateries and rightfully so. The resto recently underwent a pricy and much needed refurb and the menu was redone as well to bring it in line with the way people eat today. While not a "hipster" spot, it is a place all ages can enjoy and everyone can find several somethings they like on the menu.

              Welcome to our "neck of the woods" and Happy Easter!

          2. re: Brunhilde

            I'm probably a bit biased, since one of the reasons my family loves it so is that my grandfather took my grandmother there every year for their anniversary for the 30 years they lived in Ravensdale. I love to sit at the bar on a sunny day and soak up the dill butter clam broth with the Columbia City bakery rolls drinking a pint from Maritime Pacific.

            1. re: Brunhilde

              Hi, Brunhilde:

              You know, I like the bar at Ray's a lot (maybe too much, hiki no?), but I've come to *hate* their crazy policy of not giving bar patrons access to at least part of the deck. The policy lames down the whole operation, IMO, since (at least historically) Ray's Cafe was neither classy nor good. Having the weird dichotomy upstairs where you can't have a summer cocktail on the deck without Cafe seating (they serve basically the same fare in the bar anyway, all cooked within sight) is maddening.

              But I still like the bar in the winter. And you're right about those CC rolls with the cold pats of good butter...


              1. re: kaleokahu

                Agreed on all points. I think I've been able to sit on the deck maybe twice? I was lucky enough to get in on a sunny weekday afternoon, which my banker's hours usually don't allow for.

          3. Hi, queen jord:

            You've already gotten a few good recs (Brunhilde knows this stuff). Il Bistro, Compagne, Maxmillien, Il Terrazo Carmine are all close, as is RN 74. I'll also add that, as fresh seafood goes, one of my consistent favorites is McCormick & Schmick's, which is *very* close to the Alexis. It's the sort of place that has a fresh sheet a page long, and excellent food, but if you want bragging rights when you return to LA, go somewhere with a lot shorter half-life. If you go to M&S, and if they have fresh 'ono, they will (if you ask nicely) do you a fish and chips that should be delectable.

            The Brooklyn, while it is a businessman's lunch-style steakhouse, always has a great selection of Oysters, too.


            1. Taylor Shellfish is another option for oysters. Not in the market, but walkable.