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Mar 29, 2013 11:00 AM


Wow. This place was amazing. We started with a pork neck app that was simply out of this world. Anthony Bourdain would have loved it. The dipping sauce was amazing. We then had a couple of amazing entrees. One in a red curry sauce (panang) that was home made and probably the best I have ever had an a really delightful peanut sauce (Praram loang soang). Caution, mild is not mild at this restaurant. If you order mild, it is most restaurants medium. I loved it but others may find it too hot. I will go back to explore the seafood which looked amazing as well.

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    1. Yep, it is quite a hidden GEM. Best Pad Ka Prao I have ever had.

      1. I'm in town from Seattle visiting my boyfriend, and we tried On's Kitchen for the first time this past Saturday.

        Being a Thai food snob (West Coast kid + lived in Thailand for a while), I wasn't expecting too much.

        Yowza!!! Best Thai I've eaten outside of Thailand proper. We will definitely be back. We had the miang kum (lettuce wrap appetizer), koh mu yang (pork neck appetizer), sour pork sausage (Chiang Mai-style pork sausage appetizer), and the pad Thai and mango chicken. Everything was spectacular.