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Mar 29, 2013 10:57 AM

Napa Cheap Eats

My husband and I are headed to Napa for 4 days (from L.A.), and we're set on wineries to visit and fine dining. One thing we're not set on is occasional lunches and dinners that are more moderately priced. We're staying in downtown Napa, and will be tasting in the Yountville and St. Helena areas. I saw the two threads regarding cheap eats (meal for two drinks and perhaps a dessert for $50 or less total). I'm aware of the food trucks, Gott's, and Oxbow Public Market. We're open to all cuisines, and wouldn't mind going to places that the locals go to.


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  1. Rutherford Grill. Last time dh & I were there, we split the excellent & huge French dip sandwich ($20) which comes with fries or slaw, etc. and were quite full. In the past we've also enjoyed ribs, grilled chicken salad & tuna platter. If you split either of the latter two, you may need an app or dessert to make meal more filling. There may be a wait during peak hours for table but dh & I have sat at bar; or you can make res. on urbanspoon.

    1. Ca' Momi at the Oxbow Market is a great option for an inexpensive lunch or dinner. The pizzas are very tasty, and they offer bottles of house wine for about $15 (which is often what you will pay for one tasting in Napa!).

      Tarla Grill in Downtown Napa has delicious Mediterranean food and is reasonably priced.

      Another great lunch option is Dean and Deluca. You can pick up sandwiches, prepared foods, and picnic items and eat at one of the wineries.

      Have a wonderful time!

      1. "THE" place for cheap its is the Happy Hour at Grace's Table in downtown; their appetizers/bar menu is half-off from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and will easily fill you up.

        The other great happy hour in the valley is at Brix, although their happy hour menu is a bit smaller than Grace's Table.

        I disagree with LaBuanaForchetta that Tarla Grill is reasonably priced. For lunch, I have order moderately and never get out for less than $25 total.

        If you want to "splurge," consider the Bento Box lunch at Morimoto. It is $25, but considering that dinner at Morimoto will put you back in the $100-per person range, the Bento Box is a bargain.

        Agree that Ca 'Momi is a great option (as is most everything at Oxbow). Cook in St. Helena would be my choice for a great meal that is more affordable and memorable.

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          Thanks LaBounaForchetta and CarrieWas218. We hit up Ca'Momi and Dean and Deluca while we were there. Managed to eat pretty well without breaking the bank. The pizza crust at Ca'Momi was one of the best I've had. I love how it's a little salty. The displays at Dean and Deluca should be enough to attract visitors. They were both great options.
          We also hit up Gott's and I fell in love with the tuna tacos. It was like poke/sushi in a taco shell. Especially nice because it was a warm day.

          1. re: CarrieWas218

            Had a nice second half-lunch at the Grace's Table happy hour yesterday. Too bad you have to sit at the bar to get the HH prices, it would have been nice to sit by the sidewalk and enjoy the breeze.

            Everything was great: fried pickles, fried green tomatoes, Argentine empanada, bloody Mary (delicious, like a slightly alcoholic gazpacho), Racer 5, total $30 including tax and tip.

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              The sitting at the bar thing is new -- or might only be during the summer...

              I had never heard of them asking that before or maybe because I've tended to order the whole HH menu that it was never required of me.

              1. re: CarrieWas218

                When we walked in I asked if it was happy hour and the hostess said only at the bar.

          2. I am in Sonoma, not Napa, but a place I like to eat is ABC in Napa when I am in town for a meeting. You stand in line to order, and they bring it out to you. There is a community table, and a few small tables. Lots of locals in there. Good quality and good value.


            1. The Bounty Hunter has a lunch special M-F...large BBQ sandwich, choice of side and soft drink for $10.

              Napa Valley Biscuits offers very affordable southern syle fried chicken and biscuits.