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Mar 29, 2013 10:40 AM

Saturday late lunch in May .... your recs?

My wife and I will be heading into town for our 10th Jazzfest the first week of May. We plan to go festing on Thursday & Friday but since we have a 6 PM flight out on Saturday, we are looking for a great late lunch experience (1-2ish). I have a business colleague that I have never met face to face that is a local and I was thinking about inviting he and his wife to join us for a great lunch that my company will pick money is not an issue here. This group will be lively and funny and cocktails are defintely part of the plan! Where would you go if you had someone picking up the tab? Any location in town is open to discussion....Thanks. jck

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    1. August or Windsor Court Grill Room.

      1. August is not open for lunch on Saturday.

        Make a late brunch reservation for Commander's garden room. A fun, boisterous time will be had by all. Make the rsv asap.

        Second choice: Galatoire's.

        1. Did you plan your lunch, yet? Where did you decide?