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Easter bread or paska in TO?

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Anyone have any recs for good Easter breads (paska, etc) available tomorrow?

I realize Orthodox Easter is in May, so the Greek, Russian and Ukrainian Easter breads aren't going to be for sale this weekend.

Happy with any type of Easter bread- central European, Italian, Portuguese, etc. I saw the Portuguese Easter bread at Venezia last year. Has anyone tried it?

With Granowska's closed, I don't know where to get Central Euro Paska.

Is Prague open yet? It was supposed to re-open in Feb. The old website is no longer functional. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/882149

Thanks for any suggestions.

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    1. Chicago on Roncy has large and miniature chalkas [Polish for challah--egg bread], and I'll assume Benna's bakery farther south does, too.

      1. Natalie's Kitchen in Etobicoke will have both paska and babka available tomorrow in limited quantities. Just saw this on their Facebook page.

        1. Thanks, everyone! Turns out Serano on Pape has baked up some tsourekia even though Greek Easter is 5 weeks away.

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            ^^^ooohhh!!! Must check this out :) Thanks!

            Anyone have a suggestion for fresh pulla in Toronto?

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              Le Select also had Easter breads on Friday.

            2. I've been following Forno Cultura's Instagram photos of their Easter bread in progress. They're baking some tomorrow.

              Has anyone bought any Easter bread yet? Realize I'm asking a week early!