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Mar 29, 2013 10:38 AM

Pasadena pizza delivery or pick-up

I live near Old Town and have been spoiled by the pizza at Settebello et al. Now I need to serve pizza at home and I'm thinking Settebello's thin crust pizza won't survive the drive. Any thoughts on the best pizza for delivery or pick-up? Carmines? CPK? Thanks!

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  1. tarrantinos on green st.

    1. Try Brothers' Pies 'n' Fries, located in Old Town (they deliver).

      1. Tarantino's will definitely survive. Luggage Room if you drive fast.

        1. Zelos or Tarantino's.

          Big Mama is you're desperate.

          1. Thanks for everyone's advice. Brothers' in Old Town isn't open Monday so I picked up from Tarantino's. Solid, old-school pie - half garlic/half sausage. Will try Brothers' some weekend when the occasion calls for pizza. Pretty spoiled by dine-in at Settebello.

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              I know this is too late, but I wanted to throw in my rec... I always ordered from Carmine's on Fair Oaks when I lived in Pasadena (they deliver) - very good pizza (along with their other food).