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Mar 29, 2013 09:35 AM

What can I do with this? - Vodka Soaked Bananas

I am in the process of making banana infused vodka. I've made it a few times now and I just love it! I usually soak a bunch of bananas for 2 weeks or so, then strain them out and add more bananas and let that soak for 2 more weeks. The result is light caramel colored, floral, and shows the most sophisticated side of the humble banana.

Until now, I've throw out the vodka soaked bananas, but I was wondering if chow might have some ideas for a way to use them. Because I double infuse, I do lose quite a bit of vodka to the bananas. Just for background: the bananas have been soaking for about 2 weeks, and they get soft and puffed up. They lose most of their structural integrity, and their flavor is mostly absorbed by the vodka. The one on the top tend to turn a dark color (even though I use a weigh to keep them all submerged), but most of the bananas stay normal color.

I've had two basic ideas, both of which could get weird. The first is to mash them up and cook them in a pan to dry them out and evaporate some of the alcohol. I figured it could use this banana mash in baking or over ice cream or yogurt. I'm not sure how alcoholic it would stay.

They idea that my roommade had was to run them through my centrifuge juicer and use the liquid to make a cocktail of some sort or even add this back to the infused vodka. This seemed reasonable, it will likely be very alcoholic with some banana flavor, but somehow it seemed weird.

Anyway, let me know if you have any ideas!


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  1. my first thought would be to combine with a complementary fruit (or chocolate base) and make sorbet...since the bananas have the alcohol infused in them, it'll help keep the mixture from freezing too solidly

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        Me three. My very first thought was a chocolate-banana sorbet. Either add melted semi-sweet chocolate or cocoa powder to the sorbet mixture and see what happens.

    1. Oh I'd make a spiked banana parfait with ice cream, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Slice that banana and fold it into the ice cream.

      1. There is really only one grand dish to make - Banana Pudding!

        1. have you actually taken a bite of any of the pieces after they're soaked? generally the fruits in these macerations pick up the harshest of flavors from the alcohol and taste awful.


          you could mash them through a chinois to smoosh out any booze, but i don't advise eating them.

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            I haven't tried them yet, but yeah that is the next step after I take them out. I just wanted to get some ideas before hand.

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              i've spent years as a beverage director and making infusions was part of the gig. the fruit gets nasty. much like chicken and stock-making, the bananas have done their work.

          2. Assuming they taste good, you could make chocolate truffles. I make "Black Forest Truffles" with 16 ounces of dark chocolate, 8 ounces of heavy cream, 3 tablespoons butter, 4 tablespoons of cherry brandy, 10 drops of Loran's cherry flavor oil and 1/2 cup dehydrated cherries that I have rehydrated with the cherry brandy. I would think you could change out the cherries with bananas, the brandy with some of the vodka and the cherry flavoring with either banana flavoring or no flavor oil at all.

            Once you make the genache, roll and dip them in either chocolate or cocoa or coconut or nuts.