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Mar 29, 2013 08:56 AM


I just purchased a bottle of this. I have not had it in years. I understand it is a big seller in Spain. It also is a component of some of the Johnnie Walker Blends. It is very peaty. My memory of it (going back 25 years) was that it was sweeter than it is now. Has anyone noticed a style change or is my memory faulty?

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  1. I had to google this, and now I'm wondering why this particular Scottish whisky would be notable for being popular in Spain. Any idea?

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    1. re: splatgirl

      I have no idea. The only real significance is it is harder to find in the states now.

    2. Very peaty? The Cardhu 12 yr? I just poured a taste from my bottle to be sure, but I find at best very mild peat and smoke in this one (more smoke than peat), but lots of fruit like green apple and maybe pear. There is an unusual flavor but I don't interpret it as peat, just some sort of rotten fruit. (Hah - I just checked the tasting notes on the box and they mention pear, that's the first time I've gotten that one!)

      I find it overly sweet to the point it tastes like a blend to me - and not a good one, more like cutty sark. Nice bottle though.

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        Interesting. I expected it to be too sweet. My bottle isn't. Perhaps it is smoke and not peat. I am just wondering where the sweetness is.

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          I used to have a problem distinguishing between smoke and peat, because they are usually hand in hand. I still have to pay close attention to be sure which I am tasting, unless it is something like Laphroaig where the medicinal peaty taste is overwhelming. Smelling the empty glass afterward helps, the smoke becomes more obvious.

          I guess when I say overly sweet it is on a relative scale. I haven't found many single malts to be very sweet, compared to cheap blends. I find Cardhu much sweeter than most single malts, but not nearly as much as Cutty sark or Ballantine's, which I find cloying.

          1. re: ncyankee101

            I have been mostly drinking Bourbon this winter so I may be a little off on the sweetness scale. Thanks for your imput. It does taste like a blend. I think there are much better whiskies for the dollar.

      2. For an additional opinion, here is Ralfy's Cardhu tasting video:

        He does mention Cardhu being very popular in Spain.