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Flipping crepes

How do you flip crepes? My husband came in as I was making them and was amazed/concerned that I use my bare fingers to grab and flip them.
I must say, after 40 crepes, my fingers have a glow. But it seems so awkward to be using implements. I do use a fork to loosen the edge before using fingers.

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  1. Of course, at this stage of the game my fingertips are Teflon, but yes like you I use my fingers to flip thin crepes (I use a spatula for pancakes and a fork for waffles). Crepes cook up so quickly, fingers are the best tool!

    1. I use a pancake turner, the same utensil I use to flip burgers and fried eggs.

        1. I use a thin flat wooden crepe turner (I know a single-tasker). It looks kind of like a flat icing knife..

          1. My fingers, the same way you describe. The pan I use is lightweight and easily tilted to get the quick and neat flip. My spouse doesn't mind about that.... More to worry about on flambé night, lol.

            1. I just toss them in the air with the pan and catch them. You need a proper crêpe pan to do this easily. I use a small plain steel French crêpe pan.

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              1. I use a spatula to flip pancakes. Being a man I don't have asbestos fingers nor do I have the skill to do the traditional tossing into the air.

                1. I've never made an actual crepe, but I have been making Norwegian pancakes for about 40 years. When serving them to guests for the first time, the usual comment is, "Oh, crepes", so I guess they're pretty similar. These are cooked in cast-iron pans and, although fingers help, the best thing to get the "flip" started is a metal spatula. The photos look just like mine.

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                    Not sure why the 2nd photo didn't show up.

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                      Funny, my family always called them Swedish Pancakes.

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                        In the Olsen household, even the little meatballs were deemed Norwegian.

                    2. loosen the edge with a tap on the side of the pan and then the flip or the fingers depending on the size.

                      1. I watched Julia Child use 2 pans to make crepes. Swirl the batter in one pan, and cook the first side, then invert the first pan over a second waiting pan to finish cooking. Easy and fast.